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6STK. Seiden-Bettwäsche-Sets (Maßgeschneiderte Bettwäsche)

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6STK Seidenbettwäsche-Sets

6PCs Silk Bedding Sets | Personalized Custom Size Design Free Tailor Made

Roselilys seamless silk sheets set are made from 100% mulberry silk. Unlike the seamed version, which is a combination of two or more smaller fabrics, the seamless sheets are cut from the entire fabric. Removing the seams makes the sheets stronger in terms of wear and tear resistance and looks more beautiful. If you want to decorate your rooms with silk, seamless sheets are a better choice due to better structural durability and better aesthetics.

High Standard Workmanship / Very Experienced Workers / Advanced Machine and Technology / Superb Craftsmanship

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6STK. Seiden-Bettwäsche-Sets (Maßgeschneiderte Bettwäsche)