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Dust mite allergy, is anti-mite bedding really useful?

29 Feb 2020

Allergies are not caused by low immunity, but by an abnormal increase in immune function.Allergies occur when the body's immune system overreacts to natural, harmless substances from air, water, contact, or food.

Allergies affect the skin, digestive and respiratory systems.

Generally speaking, the cause of allergic disease is genetic constitution and the surrounding environment these two most important factors.

According to the medical statistics, both parents have allergic diseases, allergic child rate as high as 70% above; One parent has an allergic disease, and the risk of allergic child is more than 50%. Neither parent had allergies, and the risk of allergic children was still more than 20 percent.

The surrounding environment can be seen in allergic patients who develop allergies after exposure to certain allergens, irritants, respiratory virus infections, and dramatic changes in the weather. For example, people who are allergic to dust mites often suffer from nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, itchy nose, itchy skin, and even asthma when they sleep at night or wake up in the morning.

Can that mite bug allergy be good? For instance the baby of allergy, can wait to grow some, allergy is good?

As a child grows older, allergies change from one organ system to another. From food allergies, eczema, to respiratory allergies: children who usually have food allergies or eczema in early childhood may go on to develop respiratory allergies such as allergic rhinitis or asthma.

The development of this allergic disease is something that almost nobody can predict, and parents of children often ask, well, my child wasn't allergic before, or maybe he's allergic, and I don't know why he's allergic again, that's the reason.There is a lot of mother regret, infant eczema thought to be a common phenomenon has been ignored.Every now and then in the morning a sneeze and a runny nose are thought to be a cold is normal, until the child was about 3 years old to develop asthma before the hospital diagnosis is caused by dust mite allergy symptoms.But at this time the allergy level is already very high, from the baby to the old people may have allergies, there is no age limit, especially allergic constitution people, it will not be with the age increase, the immune system maturity and self-healing.This is a misconception that many parents have about allergies, and the truth is that allergies become more difficult to treat over time.

Should I use anti-mite bedding?

Certainly yes! This is a must! But use the right ones. Don't choose blindly.

1.​Carefully identify, is it true physical anti - mite, or chemical coating?

For people with allergic constitution, the safety of the product is very important. So is really anti - mite, or use chemical anti - mite to confuse things.

How do you identify that?The simplest method:First prepare a brand new product, pour water on the surface, see if there is no water phenomenon,If there is a fabric will not be soaked by water, even water left no trace,then the second experiment can be carried out,rub the fabric hard, horizontal pull, rub again, pull again, so repeatedly after many times, again pour water up, if the fabric began to absorb moisture, there is water, it is clear that there is waterproof coating on the fabric.

Why is that?​Because the coating after friction and washing will be destroyed slowly, so return to the original non-waterproof state.This method is simple and intuitive, can identify the product safety in the first time. Have chemical coating, must not use, a little careless may cause secondary allergy.

2.​After the fabric kneading, pulling and repeated friction, is there no loose deformation?

First of all, why is this important?Because mite bedding if not cleaned for a long time, such as half a year or even a year to wash, there will be a lot of allergens in the dust falling on the surface.We are not living in a sterile space, house dust will have dust mite allergen, so anti-mite bedding must frequently wash and washable.

So the choice of anti-mite bedding, not just look at the surface, need to consider the actual use of the situation, after all, this is not disposable products.Some products for the first time look dense structure, opaque, very strong, but after rubbing and pulling, repeated friction, will be very obvious loose deformation, layer by layer of fiber fracture, fabric become rough.

Considering the cost performance, products like this can not be selected, because this has not been used in practice, nor after many times of machine washing, just with the hand force of repeated rubbing and pulling to become this, no matter how dense, because we do not use once throw to change, but to use for a long time.

3.​ Silk Bedding breathable, comfortable? Get a good night's sleep can help with allergies.

Probably a lot of people can feel, mite proof bedding wants mite proof to be ok only, breathe tight, comfortable these are secondary. This view is wrong. If sleep uncomfortable, sleep quality is not good, can affect the improvement effect of allergy directly!

There are many factors influencing sleep quality, among which the comfort of bedding is one of the important factors.

For example, newly bought mattresses are usually covered in a layer of plastic, and if the plastic doesn't rip off, there's no doubt that it will protect against mites.But, after sleeping a few months, open look mattess, inside can be affected with damp very serious, can rise moldy. Because our body temperature will rise when we sleep, but this layer of plastic is not breathable, moisture can not be drained out, so the mattress is seriously affected by damp, and sleeping on the bed can not drain wet air, the human body will also have health risks.

Similarly, if you choose anti-mite bedding, only consider anti-mite, do not consider ventilation, will be such a situation. Anti-mite bedding is generally very dense, permeability will be generally weaker than ordinary bedding, so it is best to choose micro ventilation, moisture can be discharged in time.Don't fall for the myth that mite proof bedding should be completely opaque. This is another myth. Mites are not so small that you can't see them.It's because they're 75 percent water, they're transparent, so they're invisible to the naked eye.

Still have another point, antimite bedding should choose comfortable, had better be to be able to replace common bedding. Some anti-mite bedding because of the particularity of the structure can not wash, can not directly contact friction, so in the use of the outside to cover a layer of ordinary bedding to use, then the comfort will be greatly discounted.Take quilt for example, cover 2 can be heavy a lot, may also not be so obedient, that first affect sleep quality, the second not obedient winter may cause a cold. And allergy constitution crowd knows, want to avoid cold as far as possible. So you can't ignore that.


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