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Founded in 2009, ROSELILYS is an US brand company specializing in high-end silk bed customization. According to the needs of personalized bed from customers and high-end hotels, we provide the most perfect and flexible design and customized solutions to bring users a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. ROSELILYS products are mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

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Benefits of wearing real silk sleepwear

31 Oct 2020

There are many benefits of wearing real silk sleepwear. Because it is made of real silk, it has better air permeability and has health benefits. Mulberry silk, commonly known as real silk, is called the "fiber queen", which is a rare treasure given to mankind by nature. And because silk has excellent skin-friendly properties, it is not easy to burn people's skin when exposed to fire, etc. Some people praise silk as the "second skin" of human beings!

Advantages of real silk fabric clothing:

1. Comfort. Real silk is composed of protein fibers and has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. In addition to the smooth surface of bai, its frictional stimulation coefficient to the human body is the lowest among all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%. Therefore, when our delicate skin encounters smooth and delicate silk, the one-way wet fabric, with its unique soft texture, follows the curve of the human body, caring for every inch of our skin thoughtfully and safely.

2. Sound absorption, dust absorption and heat resistance. Silk fabric has a high porosity, so it has good sound absorption and air absorption, so in addition to making clothing, it can also be used for interior decoration, such as silk carpets, tapestries, curtains, wall coverings, etc.

3. Anti-ultraviolet rays. The tryptophan and tyrosine in silk protein can absorb ultraviolet light, so silk has a good anti-ultraviolet function. Ultraviolet rays are very harmful to human skin.


Advantages of real silk fabric clothing

Care tips for silk clothes:

1. When buying silk clothing, pay attention to buying 2-4 cm larger than your original size, so that it is comfortable to wear and not easy to damage the silk protein fiber.

2. The anti-wrinkle performance of real silk clothing is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, so it is said that "no wrinkle is not real silk". After washing, the clothes are wrinkled and need to be ironed to be firm, elegant and beautiful. When ironing, let the clothes dry until 70% dry, then spray water evenly, wait 3-5 minutes before ironing, the ironing temperature should be controlled below 150°C. The iron should not be directly touched on the silk surface to avoid aurora.

3. After washing, silk garments should not be exposed to the sun, nor should they be heated with a dryer. Generally, they should be dried in a cool, ventilated place. Because the ultraviolet rays in the sun easily make silk fabrics yellow, fade and age. Therefore, after washing silk clothing, it is not advisable to twist it to remove the water. It should be gently shaken, and the reverse side should be spread out to air. Let it be 70% dry before ironing or shaking.

4. When storing, it should be washed, dried, stacked, and wrapped in cloth, placed in a cabinet, and camphor or hygienic balls should not be placed.


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