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What May Cause the Error Pages on the Website?

  • The browser you are using is not compatible with our website. You can try it with Google Chrome or Apple browser.
  • Your network environment is unstable.
  • There is a problem with your computer or mobile device settings. You can try it out.
  • Our website is working with the new version, waiting patiently and then using it.

How Do I Know It Is Safe to Shop with You?

We protect the privacy of your information. And apply trustworthy third party software including Secure Sockets Layer ('SSL') for all financial transactions.


How to Place an Order?

Step1. As a guest or Register on

Step2. Log in

Step3. Pick out what you prefer

Step4. Add to cart

Sterp5. Confirm billing address and shipping address

Step6. Choose delivery

Step7. Pay

Step8. Check confirmation in the registered e-mail box

When your order placed successfully, please check your registered email to find your "Order Confirmation" email from us within 24 hours. If you do not get it, please email us immediately. It is very important!

Can I Change or Cancel My Order?

Contact us within 24 hours of the payment for changing or canceling an order.

Payment Method?

Paypal and credit card.

How Do I Track My Order?

Please go to "Track Your Order"

When Will My Parcel Be Processed and Shipped?

Generally, your parcel will be sent out within 1-2 business days after we receive your payment. Sometimes it may happen that your order may be out of stock. In this case, our customer service will notify you by either email or phone to confirm whether you want a refund or an exchange.

What should I do if I did not receive a confirmation email?

Our confirmation letter is sent out automatically by our ordering system. Contact us immediately if you have not received a confirmation email within 12 hours of placing your order and yet have the payment charged from your credit card/Paypal account. We will confirm your order on our side and send you another confirmation email with your order number and order details.

There are a few possible reasons that could cause this to happen:

You have entered an incorrect or not frequently used the email address when registering on our website. Since our confirmation emails are sent to the email address you registered with us, the letter will be lost.

You used the express checkout feature which uses the email address associated with your Paypal account. This email address may not be the one you currently use and it is recommended that you check both for our confirmation email.

Some email systems have filters that classify our email as junk mail so they cannot get to your inbox. It is recommended that you look into your junk mail folder before contacting us, as there is a big chance it was simply blocked by your email system.

Why didn't I get an email about my order being shipped?

Our shipping notification email is sent out automatically by our ordering system once your order has been shipped out. If you did not receive an email, you may have entered your email incorrectly or it could have sent to your spam folder. It normally takes 1-2 business days for us to process your order before sending your package out. If you have not received an email about your order being shipped within 2 business days of the date you placed your order then please contact ROSELILYS customer service by submitting a ticket online.

About Products

Why my fitted sheet pilled after one-year use? How can I prevent the pilling?

Silk, as one of the natural fibres, is very friendly to the skin. It helps to decrease the skin's loss of moisture and is better tolerated than other fabrics by people with sensitive skin. Correct care will help your silk fitted sheet last for years. The part which rubs against your heels will pill easily because foots' skin is rougher after every-day walking. We advise you to cover that part with a towel to prevent the pilling issue.

How to choose the duvet cover?

You should choose the duvet cover with the hidden zipper placed at the edge/back of the cover. There are 3 advantages to using hidden zippers on duvet covers:

  • A regular zipper(not hidden)placed on the surface/edge of the duvet cover can break or weaken the sense of luxury of the cover.
  • Hidden zippers are covered with a layer of silk which makes it less likely to cause abrasions on your skin.
  • The cover that protects your skin also protects the zipper from breaking, granting longer-lifespan to the zipper and less trouble for you.

Can ROSELILYS silk pillows hold their shape well?

Our silk pillows use silk floss filling in the form of stacked thin sheets of tangled silk threads. The nature of the filling and the unusually strong silk fibers in the silk floss means that:

  • It is unlikely that the filling inside the pillow shell moves around and clumps together to give the pillow an uneven shape.
  • It is difficult for the silk threads in the filling to succumb to pressure and deform, allowing the pillow to regain its original shape once pressure is removed.

Of course, silk fibers are not immune to deformation and will eventually change in the pillow‘s shape. But this process is very slow and can take 5-10 years.

Are all of ROSELILYS's products made from 100% Mulberry Silk?

Yes, we guarantee that all of our products, unless stated otherwise on the product page, are made of 100% pure and natural long fibre Mulberry silk cultivated from the best silk farms in China. No chemicals are added in our production process and the use of any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially compromise the quality of our silk has been strictly forbidden to ensure our customers enjoy the perfectly soft and smooth feel of our products.

All of our silk products are inspected at every step of their production to make sure the process strictly comply with ISO9001, the internationally recognized standard of quality management.

How to Fluff Pillows?

We always evacuate the air in the pillows to keep dry and far away from the microorganism in shipment. When you receive a flat pillow, please do not worry. Just flutter it gently. Then put it in a cool well-ventilated place. Note: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


How Long Will the Item Take to Delivery?

Please go to "Shipping & Delivery"

Can I Change My Shipping Address after Placing an Order?

Please be advised that your shipping address cannot be revised after the order has been processed or shipped. kindly update your shipping address to your residential address instead of your vacational address as we do not know how long the destination's customs department will have the package on hold.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship to worldwide.

When Will My Order Arrive?

The delivery time is based on the shipping option that you have chosen. Once the order has shipped, we will email your tracking information as soon as order shipped to help you track the package until received. Please kindly note we are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country.

What should I do if the package is damaged in transit?

  • When you receive the parcel, please check if the package is damaged, whether the products are correct. If there are any problems mentioned above, please refuse to sign for the parcel and contact us in time.
  • If you encounter the condition that the parcel must be signed before it can be checked. Please sign for and open the parcel in front of the courier. After checking, if there is no problem then you can give the receipt to the courier. If there is any problem, please give feedback to the courier and contact us immediately. (It is suggested you take pictures of the package box, product boxes, products, waybill, etc. And pictures should be clear and easy to identify. )
  • If you(or your client) do not check the parcel and signed, the commitment that logistics undertakes transportation risk will end.

Return & Exchange

What Should I Do When I Get Wrong Item?

If you got the wrong item, please contact our customer service. We would like to exchange the right item for you.

Will I get full refund for my return?

We will offer a full refund on all items you returned (exclude return shipping fee and unreturnable items). Coupon codes and ROSELILYS points will not be refunded as monetary value.

How long does it take for my refund to be processed?

Once we receive the returned items, it will take up to 3 business days for us to process the refund. The refund should reflect your account depending on the method of payment. If you would like us to refund the amount to your credit/debit card, that depends on your financial institution which ranges from 3-15 business days. If you would like us to refund the amount to your Paypal account that will take 48 hours.

If you couldn't receive the money in time, please feel free to contact us online.

Which items couldn't be returned or refunded?

We are sure you will be delighted with our items, but if not, simply contact us, we will get back to you within 24 business hours generally.

We gladly accept returns within 45 days of receipt for most items in good condition. For the ones couldn't be returned, please check below.

  • Items on clearance
  • Silk Lingerie (which includes silk bra, silk underwear and silk knitted clothing)
  • Customized & Monogrammed Items
  • Washed or Used Items
  • Items over our 45-days return time
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