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Founded in 2009, ROSELILYS is an US brand company specializing in high-end silk bed customization. According to the needs of personalized bed from customers and high-end hotels, we provide the most perfect and flexible design and customized solutions to bring users a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. ROSELILYS products are mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

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Cleaning methods of silk clothes

20 Oct 2020

How to clean silk clothes

1. To choose the appropriate cleaning agent, in the process of washing, to use about 30 degrees of warm water first soak.

2. Pour appropriate amount of cleaning agent into water, then mix evenly by hand, and then soak the clothes in the treated water. The soaking time shall not exceed 15 minutes.

3. In the process of kneading with hands, the action must be gentle and not too strong, otherwise it will pull the clothes.

4. In order to protect the luster of clothes, you can put a little white vinegar in the water after washing clothes, soak them for a few minutes and then take them out.

5. Don't wring the water on the clothes with your hands. Shake the water down and dry the clothes flat. Don't fold them or dry them in groups.

6. Silk clothing is easy to fade, so we should try to avoid color contamination.

Cleaning methods of silk clothes

1. Silk clothing is made of protein fibers.

2. Washing should not be done by ordinary washing machine.

3. Don't rub on rough things like washboards.

4. Hand washing or washing machine with silk washing function should be selected.

5. Soak clothes in cold water for about 5-10 minutes before washing.

6. Wash with neutral soap or silk detergent.

7. Silk clothes should not be directly exposed to the sun after washing.

8. It should be dried in the shade.

9. Silk clothes should not be twisted after washing.

10. Shake it gently and dry it on the opposite side.

11. Air till 70% dry before ironing.

12. The wrinkle resistance of silk clothing is poor.

13. If wrinkled after washing, it needs ironing to be more beautiful.

How can silk not shrink when washed

The first step: first of all, spread the fabric to remove dust or miscellaneous lines, especially to prevent the color from falling to the surface.

Step 2: according to the proportion of 0.2g per meter, put salt into cold water and shake well, then gently put the fabric into soaking for 10 to 15 minutes, which can keep the color and prevent the fabric from hardening.

Step 3: Rinse several times with clean water, rub gently with hands when washing, do not twist or stir with force after washing, so as to avoid wrinkling of clothes. In addition, in order to maintain the bright color and soft characteristics of silk, a few drops of lemon juice can be added to the final rinse.

How can silk not fade

The color fastness of silk clothes is poor, and it is easy to decolorize. If the correct washing method is not used, the natural luster of silk will be seriously affected. When washing silk fabrics with washing machine, it is easy to appear "Silk blending", "fuzzing" and "turning silk". It's better to wash by hand. When washing by hand, you should also rub it gently. When dehydrating, it should not be put directly into the washing machine. Instead, it should be put into a net bag or wrapped with an indelible cloth, and then it will be dried. In this way, there will be no silk blending, deformation and discoloration.


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