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Mulberry Silk Bedding Sheets Set Personalized Custom Size Design Guide Identification

Founded in 2009, ROSELILYS is an US brand company specializing in high-end silk bed customization. According to the needs of personalized bed from customers and high-end hotels, we provide the most perfect and flexible design and customized solutions to bring users a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. ROSELILYS products are mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

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How to choose a comfortable silk bedding set?

27 Apr 2021


Because the price difference of bedding set is too big, price has from 50 much to 1000 multivariate, which we studied specially.

1.​What's the best material for a bedding set?

The main materials are polyester, cotton and silk (silkworm silk), ranked in terms of comfort and price: silk > cotton > polyester.

– Silk (silkworm silk) is the most high-grade fabric, the price is about 1000~3000.Very skin-friendly, feel soft and comfortable, known as the most suitable for naked sleep material. But easy to dirty, need to wash frequently; Avoid direct sunlight and take good care of it.

– ​Polyester is a synthetic fiber, price is the cheapest, generally around 50 yuan in Taobao is basically polyester.Features are bright color, strong and durable, but there are pilling, static electricity and other problems. The common flannel, coral velvet in winter is made of polyester.

​– Cotton is the most common, with prices ranging from 100 to 1000, and most from 300 to 400.Pure cotton is woven from natural cotton, so it is the most cost-effective material, it's very suitable for ordinary people to choose.Cotton fabric will be introduced in detail below.

2.For ​bedding set, what the parameters we need to pay attention?

– Better to chose 100% cotton.

Of all cotton, 100% pure / 100% cotton is the best. Many businesses refer to a cotton content of more than 75% as "pure / 100% cotton," so you need to check if it's 100% cotton.

Once you've decided on a cotton, you start to agonize over which one to choose: washable cotton, knitted cotton, ground wool, poplin... These are actually cotton, no matter what the characteristics after processing, they will still come with the properties of cotton:

a) Advantage:Comfortable, absorb sweat and breathe freely, will not have irritation to the skin, prevent sensitive.

b) Disadvantage: Easy to wrinkle, shrink, deformation, color loss.

- Feel comfortable and soft, good air permeability.


First, Look! Material! Quality! Tuhao choose silk, non-tuhao choose cotton (preferably 100% cotton).

Second, choose the type and price you like, under the same price, the higher the count, the softer the density. Suggest go to the store frequently, pick your favorite, and write down the parameters.

- It won't shrink or fade.

Regarding the shrink: Silk and cotton hygroscopicity is good, so can shrink a little. suggestion: (1) If the merchant has not clearly marked pre-shrink, choose a larger size.(2) The size of washable cotton can be selected as standard, because it has been washed for N times, it should be shrunk almost.

Regarding the color fade: The first wash will more or less have floating color, now a lot of stores will send solid color salt, just wash it.In addition, for bedding set with printing, it is recommended to choose active printing, pigment printing is also easy to fade.

Product level: Generally, most of the bedding sets are qualified products. Under the same conditions, excellent products > first-class products > qualified products.


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