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Founded in 2009, ROSELILYS is an US brand company specializing in high-end silk bed customization. According to the needs of personalized bed from customers and high-end hotels, we provide the most perfect and flexible design and customized solutions to bring users a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. ROSELILYS products are mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

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Silk fabric maintenance skills

Oct 10, 2020

1. When washing, it is best to use soft water, and the temperature is 35-40 ℃.

2. It is suggested that neutral detergent or silk wool detergent should be used.

3. Salt is also destructive to silk. Silk clothing should be changed and washed frequently, so as to avoid macular and affect the service life.

4. Washing should not be strong stirring or rubbing, should be a big gently rub.

5. After washing, it should be hung in a cool and ventilated place to dry, and should not be exposed to the sun, so as to avoid the fiber embrittlement and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation in the sun.

6. When drying to 80% dry, cover the silk surface with white cloth, iron it with iron (the temperature should not be too high, always uniform, do not use steam), do not spray water, otherwise it will cause water stains and affect the beauty.

7. Camphor balls wrapped in paper should be placed in the collection to avoid moth damage. A layer of paper or non-woven fabric should be separated between each piece of clothing. White silk should be wrapped with blue paper instead of white paper or cloth to avoid yellowing.

8. The dyes used in silk dyeing and printing process are mainly weak acid dyes, neutral dyes and some direct dyes. Their dyeing fastness is poor, so it is not suitable to wash at high temperature. In addition, silk is not resistant to alkali, so it is not suitable to use alkaline detergent or alkaline soap when cleaning. It can be washed with neutral soap or detergent specially used for silk wool, and it can be cleaned with clean water after washing.

9. The color fastness of silk is very poor, so it should not be put together with white or light color advertising shirts when washing dark advertising shirts. Because the silk fiber is very thin, each fiber is composed of many microfilaments, so it is very delicate and easy to hair and whiten. It can only be turned slightly when washing, and it is not suitable to rub and brush with force.


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