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Mulberry Silk Bedding Sheets Set Personalized Custom Size Design Guide Identification

Founded in 2009, ROSELILYS is an US brand company specializing in high-end silk bed customization. According to the needs of personalized bed from customers and high-end hotels, we provide the most perfect and flexible design and customized solutions to bring users a healthy and comfortable sleep experience. ROSELILYS products are mainly exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Spain and other countries.

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Healthy bedding gives us a real green life

Aug 2, 2020

Most individuals utilize bedding made from synthetic materials, but did you know that Mulberry silk bed sheets are more beneficial for your health?

As we all know, the more fabrics that directly contact your skin, the more you can change your skin! It's like the underwear we wear, the snacks we eat three times a day, the bedclothes we use when we sleep, and so on.

We sleep about eight hours on average, and sleeping is easily affected by factors that are easy to be ignored, among which the pillow case and quilt cover can not be ignored. Silk bedding is the best choice for my friends to improve the quality of life.

  • Silk Bedding Is Hypoallergenic
  • Silk is one of the strongest natural fibers
  • Silk has good moisture absorption and can be dyed and printed in brilliant colors. It works well with natural dyes.
  • Good to stay cool in hot weather as well as stay warm in cool weather.
  • Its beautiful natural luster has been emulated in the creation of many manufactured fibers.

If you choose a silk quilt, you won't have allergies. Although sometimes you will be allergic to things like spinning and chemical fibers, you won't have any allergy symptoms.

The weight of silk quilts is also an advantage among all kinds of quilts. Most quilts are too heavy, especially in winter, when the weight of covering quilts is double, it must be hard to sleep.

Mulberry silk bed sheets can wick dampness from your skin, thus keeping you cool and dry for the duration of the night. Silk bedding and bedclothes can prevent overheating and enable you to have an extraordinary night’s rest. Keeping you cool when it’s hot, or warm when it’s cold in your bedroom.

Naturally occurring proteins from amino acids found inside the natural silk fibers hold all the health advantage for people who suffer from the effects of dry skin or dermatitis. The silk texture is delicate on sensitive skin and feels very smooth all over the body. Natural cellular albumen helps accelerate skin cell metabolism, thus decreasing signs of aging.

Giving your family a healthy life is the ultimate goal.

To buy mulberry silk bed sheet online, visit Roselilys.


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