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Hello,Guys! is a fast growing online retailer which specializes in selling 100% silk products including luxurious silk bedding sets, comforters, pillows, pillowcases, drapes, sleepwears for both men and women and popular silk accessories. Our products are all certified to OEKO-TEX standard 100 and chemical free. We provide international FREE SHIPPING on orders over 40$ and 45-DAY return & exchange money guarantee.

ROSELILYS is here to establish a long-term win-win business partnership with you. You don't have to spend any money on the Affiliate Program, but to join thousands of others who are earning great commission by promoting ROSELILYS products, hot deals, coupons and banners on their social network sites, unique websites, magazines... ROSELILYS Affiliates benefit a lot from our global network of high quality products, attractive promotions and the best customer service. Join us and promote ROSELILYS to your readers, followers, family and friends, you'll make more money!

What Can ROSELILYS Affiliates Benefit From The Program?

  • Up to 12% commission on all sales.
  • Comparatively higher commission that you will earn because of the high-quality & luxury silk products we're selling.
  • Special monthly bonus.
  • 60-day tracking cookies
  • Weekly/Monthly newsletter – keep you informed of all the latest data feeds, deals, coupons and banners.
  • Real time reporting and sales tracking-help you review your performance and commissions clearly.

To become sponsored/advertise our products, we require the partner to have all of the following:

  • Their own website
  • A personal blog, such as Tumblr
  • A Facebook page
  • Be able to take professional photos (or at least very good quality photos)
  • A good fan base
  • YouTube account (optional, look below for further information)
  • Advertise our banner on your website
  • The review should be submitted on all the websites you own, such as your blogs, Facebook, etc.

We prefer the sponsored partner to have a good fan base, and take professional photos.

When you send us your email resume, please include the links to your websites beforehand!

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