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4PCs Silk Bedding Sets (Custom Bedding Linens)

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4PCs Silk Bedding Sets

4PCs Silk Bedding Sets | Personalized Custom Size Design Free Tailor Made

19/22/25 Momme – Made with 100% mulberry silk,the thickest silk fabric at present. soft, thick and durable.

Easy Care & Durable – Our luxury silk bedding can be tossed right into the washing machine without the fear of fading or shrinkage. Machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water with silk-friendly detergent and air dry. With a heavier weight quality silk around 25 momme will give you many years of use with proper care.

Enjoy a great night sleep - Enjoy a great night sleep with our breathable and smooth mulberry silk sheets set! Silk are natural temperature-regulating properties keeping you comfortable in every season every night. It wicks away your body moisture in summer and keeps you warm in winter.

High Standard Workmanship / Very Experienced Workers / Advanced Machine and Technology / Superb Craftsmanship

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4PCs Silk Bedding Sets (Custom Bedding Linens)